Return to Three Rivers Petroglyphs.

Return to Three Rivers Petroglyphs.

Enclosed are some curious photo’s that I’ve taken in the past year.

The petroglyphs are taken at Three Rivers Petroglyphs in New Mexico. The man with his hands in the air depicting alarm was created approximately 750 years ago, next to his was a glyph of a rattlesnake. This rock art depicts all we need to know about the understanding of “caution”!

Three Rivers Petroglyphs has some of the most precious and detailed glyphs of any where in North America. It has been deemed a hallowed site and has earned designation by the National Registry of Historic Places.

The glyphs are so detailed that you can discern the species of the animal being portrayed, Acorn Wood Pecker, Scorpion, Sparrow Hawk/American Kestrel, Armadillo’s,antelopes and frightening bear prints.

Included in that portrayal of fear was a recently added glyph. The new glyph was added in the middle of the night, with no regard for history, no regard for intellect, no regard for others who have been here before, no regard for basic respect and honor for others. It typifies the political angst of a politicians follower.

Trump 2020 is the latest petroglyph and the Federal Park doesn’t quite know what to do about this glyph, it despoils this precious landscape as it soils the minds of once respectful people.

The frightened man glyph and the Trump glyph go well together as they depict a new society that is embracing the ignorance of our current society. Lost is the respect for others in our current society.

We too now fear a snake and a man that shows preference to those that support him and no others.

It has been six months since this Park was defiled by a supporter of this administration.

Both images depict the fear that the unknown brings.

Perhaps it should remain as a marker in our society and our history , depicting the ignorance and intolerance of simple minded people just living their lives day to day, welcoming back the Stone Age. Bk

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