A Monument to Bin Laden

A Monument to Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden was a genius, he knew full well the economic power house of the United States.

He studied and understood this nations vast resource, resource in food production, manufacturing, invention, money management, military and education.

Osama spent a large portion of his life trying to understand what “Makes America Great. “

One of the pivotal points that enlightened him was the “ever renewing immigrant resource” that came to this shore following a beacon held by the Statue of Liberty.

In the 1960’s the “Seven Dollar Men” were immigrants that came from India , they paved the way for people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and a thousand other entrepreneurs.

Osama realized that this influx of immigrants always strove to create for themselves and also for this nation, a better world in this new found society.

Bin Laden understood that if he could deprive this nation of these striving individuals that yearned to become more than just self sufficient, He could effect the image and the economy of this nation.

He recognized that this nation is hyper militaristic and would spend any amount to show the world our might and strength.

He knew that if he could sow fear within our society that he could effect our view of “new comers”.

Those “new comers” are the next generation of “Seven Dollar Men”, replete with the requisite drive to show the world their wild ambition.

He understood that there was no better investment in this country than “Seven Dollar Men”. If for any reason they might fail, they have paid employees, insurance, paid taxes. They have helped drive this nation and its economy forward.

He recognized their importance to our society far more than many of our countrymen.

Today we assist Osama Bin Laden in building grand memorials to his genius.

He taught us to fear new comers, immigrants, children of immigrants.

Today we stand poised to build walls hundreds of miles long, walls that will eventually display our fear of those that brought us prosperity.

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