A Statue of Liberty Beckons

A Statue of Liberty Beckons

He cruises past me with a broad smile on his face. He is lying flat on his skateboard pumping the ground, the bituminous recreational trail.

He may not know it that he is surfing/skateboarding on Sailboard Beach, a famous beach known for windsurfing festival and regattas.

He doesn’t know the notoriety of the beach because he is twelve years old and a new found resident of my community.

He is from Nicaragua, his family has fled their native homeland to seek a new life.

Inspired by the Statue of Liberty , his family is the fuel that adds energy to this nation.

A process of countless waves of continuing renewal, immigrants becoming the lithium for our nations batteries.

Few people ever pause to ever wonder how Steven Jobs created Apple Computers, few people ever pause to consider how Bill Gates created his empire of Microsoft.

Intelligent, humble, immigrants from India came to this country in the 1950’s and 60’s. They were called the $8.00 men (Reference-$8.00 Men of India-Haglund) They were the best and brightest students India had to offer…..They had no money.

Their country gave them $8.00 and a ticket to the U.S. in hopes of seeing a return on their money.

The foundations on which Microsoft and Apple were built were because of these Indian immigrants that we allowed into our country.  They came and studied in Fargo, Minneapolis, St. Paul.  They went to work as computer specialists and researchers. (1950’s and 60’s).  The worked for Huelett Packard, 3M and other significant players in the industry.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates would not have had the tools and building blocks to create the machines that caused a computer revolution, if not for these immigrants.

I live across the street from an idyllic little lake and the recreational path along it’s edge is the place where new found immigrants enjoy an evening stroll.
The oppressive heat has relented and we all take a collective breath of the cool breeze that wafts off Lake Okabena.
It is summer but the sun has gone down and everybody enjoys this evening respite.

The young kid from Nicaragua has little reason to contemplate his how his father purchased his skateboard.

His father toiled at the local pork processing plant making sure that the entrails from the hog were appropriated to the “cracklings bin”.

Every part of the hog is utilized and it is a process that few midwestern white people would ever consider doing.

The entire production line consists of immigrants, all anxious and eager to participate in our society.

At days end they are spent and yet their children can glide down the recreational path on a skateboard, on a nearly famous pathway called Sailboard Beach.

It is the most humblest of American beginnings, as most all immigrant experiences, the father and mother toil and their children are given the chance to experience the American dream.

The sweat drips from the parents brow. They pay for food, they pay for rent, they increase the tax base of this community and this provides their children with education.

Often times the education is better than average and student achieves beyond simple expectations. They become the taxpayers of tomorrow.

They may not become the Bill Gates or Steve Jobs but they will add to the economic fuel of this nation.

They are a prudent and conservative investment in our future.

They are broad minded, they are wholesome and diverse and they are energetic.

Our founding fathers recognized the “3rd generation” often times becomes fat and lazy, living off the wealth of their ancestors.

Our immigrants forestall the economic stagnation of this nation.

They are exactly the people that our Statue of Liberty beckons.

Be thoughtful and mindful of those around you. Be understanding of those not like you.

Be willing to not always believe what you think.

The world is larger than your understanding and they are here at your doorstep.

They will benefit you and your future.


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