Artist Profile-David Behrens-ROADNOTES 2018

Artist Profile-David Behrens-ROADNOTES 2018

David Behrens started his life with a pencil in hand, drawing was an integral part of his childhood and it followed into his adult life. He has always had the ability to put on paper what he has pictured in his minds eye.

Drawing life’s images is a talent that he does not take lightly.

David has experimented in marketing his works throughout the nation. He has had great reception from Chicago and everywhere westward, including signings in State and National Parks.

If you have traveled in the Western United States you have probably encountered his art work.

One of the most iconic pieces of work is the depiction of four historic Native America Chiefs. Lightly drawn behind the indigenous people are the faces found on Mount Rushmore.  The image draws you into it and expands your awareness, it evokes far more than our fairly recent history and national pride.

David is well versed in the world of art and he is also successful in his marketing efforts. You will find him a numerous venues nationwide. He is grateful and humble as he waxes eloquently about the seriousness of his work.

He wants his artwork to challenge his creativity, for the collective voice of our society.

David Behrens has his own gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you have the chance to meet David or find his images somewhere out west, you will share in his inspiration.

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