How the Canals Of London changed our view of the world.

How the Canals Of London changed our view of the world.

Prior to 1820 most everybody in Europe professed or believed the world was 7 thousand years old (aprox) Everyone was clucking about and making little sense of anything. A man by the name of William Smith was a surveyor and was employed to create canals throughout Great Britain.

His mission was to create canals that would cheapen the cost of getting coal into the inner city of London. It would create cheaper transport for all goods coming into the city and lessen the burden on the overused roadways.

While pursuing his work he became obsessed with the geologic stratigraphy of the nation. His work went on for years building and mapping pathways for canals. He also continued to compile data relevant to his study of the layers of earth he was removing in his projects. Fossils found at one layer were different than on another layer, so went his research.

In the 1800’s there was little or no such science as geology. All of our explanations of earth and surrounds were to be found in the previous millennia from Mythras to the Bible times.

William Smith eventually presented his finding in London to the learned society.

A curious societal and social dynamic occurred in the population of people that understood the study of science in British society. His findings were so thorough and complete (and the Church and State knew their positions in society) that absolutely no one contested his finding.

The earth had just aged billions of years and no one contested his findings. Our canal walk was in tribute to this man and the science of Geology that he brought forth. Special thanks to William Smith.

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