I search my library and realize I have more than a few books that reference the plagues of history.
The “Ghost Map of London” stands out because it is the most recent. It is a recounting of the cholera plague of 1854. It was a pitiful time but it was also enlightening because it was on the cusp of enlightenment and understanding.
It was a time that we started to peer into microscopes and pay attention empirical evidence.

The book tells a story of the beginning of scientific knowledge and glaring skeptics. It was a time that was proven without a shadow of a doubt that science is truth and truth is knowledge.

Today, through death records you can trace every cholera death to a specific water well in the city of London. You can understand precisely how and why it happened. No one questions this simple knowledge and fact in todays modern world.

We can walk back further in history and visit the bubonic plague (black death) of 1347 or 1348 in which 40 to 60 % of the population was effected. Twenty two years later it returned and depopulated another 20% of the population.

I put this in polite and terms trying not to be indelicate. Understand what went on during these times of incredible stress. There were not enough people to bury the dead. People lay dead in streets, priests and doctors took to wearing bird beaks hoping for some providential elixir.

In 1854 we began to understand and respect science and scientists. They were the only ones that carried civilization forward. In the case of cholera it was water borne and not a miasma or bad air. These scientists put humanity back on track ensuring a better and healthier future.
We live in a time when it is important to take heed in scientific understanding.

We live in a time when scientific knowledge has surpassed the knowledge required for you and I to fully understand its merit.

Rest assured it is still the science and it is still the scientists that are exploring the realms of our bio-humanity universe.

Our technology has gone into warp speed and many of us have been left behind.

Being left behind does not mean you should be skeptical of those that are continuing to be on the cutting edge of discovery.

Au Contraire, we should be smart enough to realize that they are our hope and our salvation. Perhaps your God gave them brains enough to help us out of this dire situation.

As your day is bombarded with all kinds of theories and conjectures, please recognize the people that are scared about jet contrails are probably the same people that want you to believe in pseudo science.

Believe in the empirical data that scientist rely upon.
Your world has been made healthy and whole because of this understanding for the last 150 years.


  1. Another great read Bill. the Black death/Plague and other epidemic/pandemic experiences in the UK has had a powerful effect on our approach to public health which COVID 19 brings into sharp focus. As a child of the fifties post WW2, and the focus on vaccinating virtually every year in school form 5 years up to at least 11 you we have been lucky to have seen many diseases eliminated but the same old viruses pop up in mutated form . In infants school it seemed an endless round of small pox, diphtheria, polio, mumps, measles and later german measles, scarlet fever (?) and especially a multi year check on tuberculosis which was the COVID 19 disease of the 1950s in the UK. Since then many of these vaccinations have be normalised as part of our NHS post natal plans for new born till they are aged 5. Just this Thursday my daughter 1 yo twins had their final injections (2 in both legs x 2 twins ) got the crying and screaming over much quicker. With the COVID 19 virus bringing in Public health and vaccinations into main stream focus, what did you have as a kid growing up in the US? I ask the question because just before the emergence of COVID I a saw a TV doc showing the difficulties of low income families and the US homeless getting health care . You have got me thinking about creating my own “Notes from the Road” Blog. Anyway enough for now ATB your FB friend across the pond. Stay safe

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