A Junior Philosophers Badge

A Junior Philosophers Badge


I am honored by friend requests and yet I am tormented. I make many friends far and wide and I suspect they don’t know my political persuasions. Most of my friends hold fast in spite of political differences. I respect them for that.

I started my business I was beholden to a (purported) Turkish draft dodger and an Indian (India) Importer, with their help I profited slowly, but mightily. I eventually bought diapers for my children, food and gasoline to attend gift markets. They helped me understand importing and retail. We benefited mutually. They were some of my biggest assets, a Muslim and a Hindu.

Today I look back and realize the value in these precious people….IMMIGRANTS to the USA. We all made a living, we all profited.

I received a smoked pheasant at Christmas time from Noyan Tanberk, the Turk. I had never tasted pheasant, but it secured our friendship.

Today I witness the fear mongering, fear of gays, fear of Muslims, fear of lesbians, fear of everyone that is not White Christian.

I have established loving and meaningful relationships with all of these groups of people that some might deem unworthy.

I look at my facebook requests and there are numerous people wanting my friendship. My gratitude is higher than my expectations.

I value your friendship but with this request you must value all of my friends not just a select few.

My world contains people that are different than myself, my world contains people that don’t worship the same as me.

Some worship different Gods, Some worship none at all. My world contains people that I find curious and often times inspiring. Many are my kindred friends.

My world is a world that is always filled with questions not resolute answers.

I try to think and reflect on these circumstances, therefore I am.

I accept and value your friendship on these terms.


Bill Keitel

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  1. Very elequently written and, I as one of your FB friends appreciate your view and agree. I too have friends from different cultures and believe we can learn from each other. I treasure those friendships and wholeheartedly accept all your FB friends!

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