The Day After-Communique’

The Day After-Communique’

I’ve got such thoughtful friends! I’ve received a few emails, wondering how I’m doing after the election?
This is a big deal because a couple of them understand that we share a difference of political philosophy and they have happened to win big this past Tuesday.Bill Keitel

I’ve been on a self imposed blackout for the day. The election was a blow to me and my ideas of the type of people that comprise this nation.

Over the past six decades I’ve been fortunate to have never gone hungry, maybe that fuels my spirit of generosity. I seem to have a greater propensity and empathy for the emigrant and refugee friends that make up my community. I’ve got a pretty good balance of friendships in this election, half are winners and half are losers, a bittersweet time. I haven’t gotten all weepy like some.

Eight years ago I witnessed the desperation of some friends losing everything as the Dow Jones Industrial went nearly terminal at 6,900’s and yet today over 18,000 (as of article date).

Affordable health was valiantly introduced and yet no one pitched in to create efficacy amongst its subscribers. Most everyone standing on the sidelines pointing out how the doer of good deeds fails, rather than step in and meaningfully contribute.

I watched as gas prices plummeted, jobs created, unemployment at historic lows, stunning accomplishments and yet discontent everywhere.

The Presidency has been passed on to those that didn’t like what they had endured for the past eight years. It is their turn, they have the Presidency & they have both Houses. They have everything!

It is their turn to show us how to run a nation better than the past administration. Please note that with the turn of political events you will be completely in charge. You have little reason to blame anyone but yourselves if things should go astray.

Your election advertizing suggest that your party has decidedly Christian underpinnings. I would hope that with this charge and understanding you will show your good faith, in action and deed.

I hope that you will surround yourselves with the many people that can be found on the margins of our society and bring them into the economic fold while showing compassion, comfort and mercy.

Now, your time has come to put aside your selfish thoughts and behavior. Now is the time to show the world that you can lead by being thoughtful and mindful of the needs of all.

These are curious times and I wish you well,

Bill Keitel

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