Swimming with Kamala

Swimming with Kamala

It was quite some time ago when I was at a destination wedding in Jamaica.

The conversation I had was with an attractive young lady in the swimming pool, it led me to recollect our conversation.

 She told me that she was the D.A. in ………(some big city in California)….. I don’t remember.

What I do remember was that I had just come off the water and perhaps six of us were in the swimming pool.

I had been out windsurfing on big and very slow swells in the Caribbean.

I found myself farther out in the ocean, much farther than I had considered. Having sailed a mile or two off shore, my resort was a mere dot on the shoreline.  I’m an inland sailor/fresh water sailor and I was startled at how far I had sailed with such little effort….In rather light winds.

Along the way I assisted some novice sailors that had “turtled” their little sailboat.   

I helped them “right” the small craft and then went and sailed upon my way.

 Later, I wound up in the swimming pool after rinsing the salt water off my wet suit.

I had a cordial conversation with this District Attorney and I recalled we talked about “Crissy Field”.

I had windsurfer friends that sailed from Crissy Field in San Francisco.
She saw them on the water.

We had made a  visual connection with my sailor friends in San Francisco.

The following day I returned to the swimming pool, and once again see the same group of people in the water.  I’m coming off the water to rinse and they’re, once again, sitting in the pool.

This time when we visited I realized that I had on old and out dated glasses, they did not recognize me as the same person.

(This is the only reason I can recall this conversation from nearly 16-17? years ago.)

I have come to believe that this District attorney from San Francisco was none other than Kamala Harris.

The seven degrees of separation never ceases to amaze me.

I then did a search and realized that her father was Jamaican.

This essay is fully unsubstantiated and I struggle to whole heartedly document it.

If anyone out there can discredit or lend some credence to these words, it would be greatly appreciated.

Until then, I  hung out at a pool party with the new Vice President!


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