Tonight Election Communique’

Tonight Election Communique’

We’ve met somewhere?

I’ve enjoyed your company while out on the road sometime in the past few decades.

You’ve meant something to me and I appreciate you and your persistence in following our journeys.

You know me commercially thru my craftsmanship.

Here is a bit about me and my curious observations.

I live in a small community in the upper midwest.

I never once thought I was over zealous with politics, but I had a good educated friend tell me I was a “liberal”.

I had to ponder the moment because I had always thought of myself as a fiscal conservative.

I invest my tax dollars into public projects that help my immigrant friends to become self sufficient and in a blink!

they become American tax payers and aren’t savvy enough to “game” the system like my richer friends.

In short, they will be the people that help fund our country long after I’m gone.

I live in a very conservative community. Jesus is a blue eyed white guy from a suburb in Edina.

I saw it on every concrete block wall in every mainstream church throughout the midwest.

Evidently the diaspora of immigrants throughout America pose a threat to this notion of Christianity because they didn’t come from a rich suburb in Minneapolis?

Tonight I hear and watch fireworks in a city celebrating the election of President Elect Joe Biden and his black/Asian Vice President.

I’m from a small town that can’t acknowledge this.

Two homes in my little town that have displayed signs that show concerns for the killing of an inordinate amount of black people in my state. (BLM)

Mine is one of them.

Social norms allow no one else to make a statement.

My grand children have been effected by the deaths of Philando Castile (you most likely don’t even remember him) and maybe you remember George Floyd?

Some of this occurred within blocks of their homes and within their school systems.

Right or wrong my community seems to show support for ALL law enforcement (professional or unprofessional) , no questions asked (if you’re white)

Tonight the fireworks explode, they are celebratory in Minneapolis and St. Paul, a mixed race, educated society celebrates the victory. I’m away from home.

What remains is the moldering and simmering resentment of assimilation into American society.

Old , fat, second generation, privileged white guys see their status dwindle much like their self esteem and prowess.

They limit their abilities to process information to Fox News. They have no ability for critical thinking and Fox fits their narrative. (Even the word “narrative” is just above their ability to process)

We will continue to smile and exchange pleasantries, we all will strive to work towards betterment of our communities.

They will continue to see immigrants as “takers” even though the immigrants do all the hard work, while they sit back and go to the coffee shops every morning.

I will continue to see the people doing the unappealing work.

Absolutely No regard for anything outside their county and their limited world, deep thinkers aren’t found here, complainers multiply exponentially.

They remain in a societal loop that amplifies and affirms their prejudices.

They burp, yuck , yuck, and validate each others bigotries , never once in their conversations will they mindfully ponder about why they think the way they do?  They will never contemplate the fact that their DNA is 96% Chimpanzee.

What is it that causes us to continue to validate our out dated notions?

Reflective or thoughtful insights won’t be found here, I have visited these coffee haunts far too often in my life.

Back in the big city;

Thousands of Black Lives Matter signs, everywhere, thousands of signs that suggest “TOLERANCE” are found throughout the educated inner city and suburbs.

“Defund” police is even found many places.
I think this is the wrong word. Police have far too much on their plates and they are overly equipped with incredibly deadly firearms.

Never forget that in Great Britain when things get “completely out of control” , a British Bobby hits the knee of the grievous offender with his night stick and all is well with the world.

Recommission police to be “peace officers” and nothing else.

My mental health professional friends deal daily with mentally ill and drug addicts and nobody EVER gets shot or killed.

Small communities wrestle with “out migration”, they fiddle and scratch their heads in wonderment on how they can understand the depletion of their communities.

Never once coming to the realization that their lily white blue eyed Jesus was an advocate for “social justice”.

They have come to believe Jesus was a stalwart for white belligerence.

The fireworks continue to explode, the people continue to celebrate, everyone is respectful.

It was an evening to reflect and denounce racism and bigotry and alas, Jesus decided to go get some sleep.

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